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Can't decide which flavour to get, or just curious to taste how we've perfected these yummy, naturally flavoured milk tablets? Well, we have a deal for you. You see, we want to get the word out there about Moo Chews. We want people to try them out and see for themselves what we already know. That Moo Chews are just the BEST!!

So here's the deal. You promise to give us a review, and we'll give you a free sample of our secret Moo Chew Goodness. Not just one, but 3 flavours!

Say What??

That's right. Help us spread the word by sharing a review, and you and your kids can taste them for yourself, and see how you like them.

And the best part is these are a healthy option for kids as snacks instead of all those junky and sugary snacks.

Every serve, deliciously created for kids in a creamy milk tablet with an irresistible flavour.

Why is this important? It is important that we can give kids a healthier choice that is still yummy but not loaded in baddies.

But let’s face it, kids don’t care about all that. To them, Moo Chews are just a creamy, delicious milk tablet that they’ll love, and you’ll love what it does for them. 

Great sample pack! 

We ordered these are seeing an ad online and were not disappointed! These are great! My little one loved them and we ordered more straight away! So convenient and tasty. Vanilla and strawberry are our favourites. :)
- Melissa on Jul 27, 2020


SO GOOD! These are as delicious as I imagined they would be!
I regularly make milk powder lollies, and these are very similar with that yummy milk powder taste, but in different flavours! Even better!
I can't wait to taste the plain milk ones.
I love these and I know my girl will too.
Have already ordered a big supply.
If you haven't tried these, get ordering now! 😃
- Nicole Guy on Jul 12, 2020

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